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Upcycled Art Exibition


The new life of the floodlights.

Curated by Nadia Stefanel


The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore

13-19 September 2023





Image credit: DZ Engineering


SINGAPORE, 18 AUGUST 2023 – As the global community grapples with environmental sustainability, motorsport events along with its heavy reliance on fossil fuels, have often been scrutinised for their environmental impact. Now with a mission to accelerate human progress, DZ Engineering SRL, a subsidiary of Dino Zoli Group, ensures that sustainability trickles through everything they do – and this year the team provides the lighting for race events across the globe with a massive replacement of their floodlights, using LED lights, provided by long-term lighting partner Signify for the upcoming Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023.


Discarded floodlights will be upcycled and featured in the artworks of 10 artists to be displayed at the exhibition organised by Dino Zoli Foundation, an institution dedicated to preserving Italian culture worldwide, with Signify as the main sponsor. A Project of Art in the Night Race, The New Life of the Floodlights will be held from 13 to 19 September 2023 at The Arts House, Singapore.


Lighting Up The Race Track, One LED Light at A Time

DZ Engineering SRL, with its innovative installation system has supported motorsport events since the debut of the 2008 FIA Formula 1 World Championship in Singapore, bringing homogenous lighting for the safety of drivers and spectators and simultaneously ensuring high-definition television footage of the night races.


DZ Engineering has been partnering with Signify in lighting up motorsport night races around the world with their smart lighting innovations. Its LED systems reduces energy consumption by at least 30% when compared to metal-halide bulb systems to significantly reduce carbon footprint for night races. Signify’s LED lights reduce CO2 emissions and contain no hazardous substances such as mercury, making them an environmentally-friendly choice and giving the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix the required support on its sustainability journey.


Pledging their dedication towards ensuring greener practices in motorsport, DZ Engineering SRL and Signify bore the understanding of how much energy a race circuit requires. As such, the organisation designed the innovative Race Track Lighting system, built with Signify’s cutting-edge LED solutions, with lower energy expenditure, and it is set to transform the visibility and racing experience for drivers and spectators alike. This greener system was gradually implemented over races such as the Formula E-Prix in Diriyah and, more recently, the Formula E event held in London since its first introduction in 2021, with the lights skilfully installed along a section of the circuit to ensure optimal visibility and safety for participants. Following the successful execution in recent races, DZ Engineering SRL is similarly excited to bring this energy and vibrancy to the Marina Bay Street Circuit.




Image credit: DZ Engineering (Mai Pham)



While the challenge lies in raising awareness, DZ Engineering SRL and Signify have the right tools to influence the behaviour of thousands of fans by harnessing the power of LED lighting technology to create better entertainment experiences.


The main advantage of LED lies in them being a less maintenance-intensive and energy-efficient technology, stemming from their lower power consumption of 1,305 Watts per LED light, compared to a whopping 2,040 watts per floodlight. Besides having at least 30% less power consumption, lighting levels are not compromised, ensuring that night races will still take place under the safest and brightest conditions. Furthermore, the new LEDs boast higher durability and a longer lifespan of up to 100,000 burning hours, in contrast to the 7,000 of the original floodlights, pointing to decreased frequency of replacement of the lights from wear and tear.


Not Trash but Treasure

Taking its environmental efforts a step further, Dino Zoli Foundation has embarked on a project to upcycle the replaced floodlights which once shone brightly in the Formula 1 night races in Singapore. As the Foundation recognises the need to draw attention towards environmental sustainability, it similarly sees art as a medium with the capacity to inspire and enthral. Encouraging artists based in Singapore to give these floodlights a new life, Dino Zoli Foundation hopes that the resultant art pieces will serve to send an important message on the importance of being aware of our impact on the environment.



These artistic endeavours of various local and Singapore-based artists will culminate in A Project of Art in the Night Race. The New Life of the Floodlights.  – a mixed-medium art exhibition that explores the influence of the eco-conscious philosophy on artists who combine a fresh aesthetic sensibility with a constructive approach to the upcycling of floodlights through a display of art.


Curated by Nadia Stefanel, Director of Dino Zoli Foundation, who has worked on several cultural events for motorsport in Singapore, the exhibition will feature the works of 10 rising artists, including Anuska Sarkar, Ashley Hi, Chok Si Xuan, Daniel Chong, Elena Lo Giudice, Iman Sengupta,  Jeyasree Chandrakumaran, Kumari Nahappan, Victoria Hertel, and Yeo Ker Siang.


A testament to the power of collaboration, the project has received tremendous support from the Embassy of Italy, EuroCham, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. It has further been selected by the Singapore Tourism Board to be part of the official programme of Grand Prix Season Singapore 2023 (GPSS). Furthermore, the exhibition will feature some works of exhibiting artists who are also alumni and members of these schools and organisations. These contributions have been further supported by LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE), the University of the Arts Singapore (UAS), as well as cultural partners such as Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS) and the non-profit arts intermediary, Art Outreach Singapore.


With this massive switch to new LED lights, DZ Engineering SRL remains fully aware of the importance of reducing waste by reusing and recycling scrapped material. While about 5% of the discarded metal halide lights will be upcycled for the exhibition, another 12% will be repurposed for the F1 event, and the remainder might be allocated for other ongoing projects.


As DZ Engineering SRL and Signify continue to light up the Lion City, they look to do so eco-consciously as they further inspire more Singaporean motorsport enthusiasts to emulate the adoption of their own eco-conscious ideals and make lifestyle changes for a greener future.


Exhibition Information

Exhibition Run: 13 September to 19 September 2023

Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm

Location: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

Admission: Free



About Dino Zoli Foundation


The Dino Zoli Foundation of Contemporary Art is a project dedicated to promoting and sustaining Italian culture at home and abroad. An important collection of modern and contemporary art is permanently hosted in its exhibition area. The Foundation is the cultural driver of the business activities listed under the Dino Zoli Group.


For more information, visit




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Everything is illuminated, mostra fotografica fra Singapore, Italia e Vietnam.

DZ Engineering e DZE Asia Ambassador in Vietnam


Hanoi, Casa Italia 8-15 marzo;
Hanoi, University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) 16-18 marzo



Con gioia annunciamo che DZ Engineering, azienda del Gruppo Dino Zoli che si occupa di illuminazione per il patrimonio artistico e per il motorsport, è stata invitata come Ambassador presso l’Ambasciata Italiana ad Hanoi, in Vietnam, durante la settima edizione del IDD Design Day.


La Giornata del Design Italiano è una rassegna tematica annuale organizzata dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale (Farnesina) in collaborazione con il Ministero dei Beni Culturali. L’evento copre oltre 100 Paesi e consiste in un ampio programma di attività promozionali realizzate da una rete di ambasciate, consolati, istituti italiani di cultura all’estero, che presentano il design e la creatività d’eccellenza dell’Italia.


Il tema di quest’anno è “The quality that illuminates. The energy of design for people and the environment”, per questo motivo è stata realizzata una esposizione fotografica di dodici siti storici e contemporanei, illuminati dalla DZ Engineering, per offrire uno spaccato di un Paese capace di guardare al futuro senza dimenticare la propria storia. La mostra prende spunto da quella realizzata nel 2019, con il titolo Everything is illuminated, Geographies of Views Between History and Contemporaneity, a Singapore in occasione del Gran Premio di F1. La mostra ideata dalla Fondazione Dino Zoli e curata da Gigliola Foschi e Nadia Stefanel con opere di Alessandra Baldoni, Luca Gilli, Cosmo Laera, Luca Marianaccio, Lucrezia Roda e Pio Tarantini, venne allestita presso The Arts House.


Il progetto poi, nell’autunno del 2019, con il titolo “Gradazioni di luce. Geografie di sguardi tra storia e contemporaneità” venne allestito in Fondazione Dino Zoli, a Forlì, presentandosi nella sua interezza e, nel febbraio 2020, al Castello Svevo di Bari in una veste rinnovata dedicata al territorio pugliese e promossa dalla Direzione Regionale Musei Puglia. L’esposizione si poneva come evento di accoglienza all’incontro “Mediterraneo, frontiera di pace, promosso dalla CEI, al quale parteciparono i vescovi cattolici di venti Paesi che si affacciano sul ‘Mare Nostrum’.


Importante anche la concomitanza di quest’anno con le celebrazioni del 50° anniversario delle relazioni diplomatiche tra i due Paesi “Vietnam-Italia 2023”.


L’inaugurazione della mostra, che si terrà l’8 marzo ad Hanoi, prevederà anche uno speech sul lighting design di Roberto Grilli, General Manager di DZ Engineering.


Link to the website of Fondazione Dino Zoli for more information on the project

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Talk “The Drake. Storie di circuiti, corse e icone.”

DZ Engineering e Fondazione Dino Zoli 

riuniscono i protagonisti del Motorsport 


– L’appuntamento è per il 4 dicembre, alle 17.00, ed è di quelli imperdibili, non solo per gli appassionati di automobilismo.


Per l’occasione DZ Engineering ha riunito intorno al tavolo del talk “The Drake. Storie di circuiti, corse e icone” alcuni dei più prestigiosi esperti e divulgatori del mondo del Motorsport, pronti a raccontare, come recita il titolo dell’evento, alcune delle pagine più significative e curiose della storia delle corse, sullo sfondo della straordinaria figura di Enzo Ferrari, della Ferrari F1 2001 con cui Michael Schumacher vinse 9 titoli, esposta in Fondazione insieme alla gabardina di The Drake, il soprabito  datato 1947 e conservato in un sottotetto a San Venanzio per oltre 50 anni e recentemente acquistato all’asta da Dino Zoli.


Moderati dal giornalista sportivo Michele Mambelli, voce da anni anche del Ferrari Challenge, nella sede della Fondazione ci si potrà tuffare nel mare degli aneddoti, delle curiosità e dei ricordi grazie a un prestigioso parterre di ospiti: dai giornalisti Pino Allievi e Leo Turrini a Gian Carlo Minardi, fondatore del celebre Team Minardi e presidente del CdA di “Formula Imola”, la società che gestisce l’Autodromo “Enzo e Dino Ferrari” di Imola; dall’Ing. Luigi Mazzola, per oltre vent’anni in Ferrari Gestione Corse con vari ruoli di ricerca e sviluppo al fotografo Flavio Mazzi, le cui foto sono state oggetto di una mostra, organizzata da DZ Engineering e Fondazione Dino Zoli, a Singapore durante il GP di F1, passando per il vignettista Giorgio “Matitaccia” Serra.


Questi ed altri i protagonisti della giornata, si affiancheranno al padrone di casa, Dino Zoli e a Roberto Grilli, General Manager di DZ Engineering.


Vi aspettiamo.

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Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City

SINGAPORE, 30 AUGUST 2022 — After a two-year hiatus, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is returning with a bang. This time, as part of the festivities leading up to the event, DZ Engineering SRL, a subsidiary of Dino Zoli Group which is owned and led by Dino, Monica, and Marco Zoli, shines brighter than ever with Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City. The photographic exhibition will be held from 28 September to 3 October 2022 at The Arts House and is organised in tandem with the returning Grand Prix in celebration of 12 years of lighting up the exciting motorsport event in Singapore; an event also officially part of the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2022 (GPSS 2022).



Documenting 12 years of Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix history

Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City lends inspiration from continental circuses – the professionals, transport and other support vehicles, and motorhomes placed adjacent to the racing circuits of motor sports events, such as Formula 1, which follow or precede the drivers in the various places where the competitions take place. Likewise, the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix has always brought exciting seasonal festivities with it. Here in Singapore, Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City is set to retell the dazzling story of the first night-time event in all of Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix’s history, establishing itself as an important periodical component of Singapore’s culture and lifestyle.


Historically significant, this photographic exhibition reveals the evolution of Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and is curated by Nadia Stefanel for the Dino Zoli Foundation. She has also worked on past cultural events for Motorsports in Singapore. In partnership with the Foundation, DZ Engineering SRL has also presented various shows related to the Motorsport industry since 2017 to bridge the sport and art in the backdrop of the city’s own rich culture.


This time round, the Dino Zoli Foundation has chosen to feature the work of Italian photographer Flavio Mazzi, who has become, over four decades, one of the most accomplished photographers in the world of Formula 1. His archive of images includes over 450 Formula 1 Grand Prix competitions, team launches, ranging from private factory glimpses, exclusive VIP F1 events to several other racing highlights.



DZ Engineering SRL lights the way for Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Since the debut of FIA Formula 1 World Championship 14 years ago in Singapore, DZ Engineering SRL, with its innovative installation system, has brought perfect homogenous lighting for two crucial aspects of the show: the safety of the drivers and the spectators as well as ensuring high-definition television footage for an unforgettable show. The first night-time event in Formula 1 history in 2008 was record-breaking for the brand, as the world saw Singapore’s stunning skyline as the backdrop of the first race held at the new Marina Bay Street Circuit.


DZ Engineering SRL has lit up the atmosphere of race cars and changed the game for watching motorsports ever since its debut. Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City is a culmination of their enthralling efforts over the years, bringing attendees the opportunity to be immersed in the iconic atmosphere of race cars through vibrant photos that tell the thrills and story of the Race Night in Singapore.


“Even though F1 Grand Prix Singapore has been on hold for two years, DZ Engineering SRL has never really taken a break and we have continued working in different fields, honing our knowledge of Motorsports events around the World.” — Roberto Grilli, General Manager of DZ Engineering SRL


Link to the website of Fondazione Dino Zoli for more information on the project


Exhibition Information

Exhibition Run: 28 September 2022 to 3 October 2022

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Location: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

Admission: Free


With public excitement bubbling as the thrilling motorsports event returns for the first time in two years, Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City looks to illuminate the way into this year’s Grand Prix in Singapore.


The Project is supported and promoted by the Italian Embassy in Singapore, Italia-ASEAN, EuroCham, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

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La Basilica di Siponto di Edoardo Tresoldi, Fondazione Dino Zoli

dal 13 ottobre 2018 al 13 gennaio 2019

Un racconto tra Rovine, Paesaggio e Luce

a cura di Nadia Stefanel


Nell’autunno 2018 viene organizzata nella sede della Fondazione Dino Zoli a Forlì la mostra fotografica “La Basilica di Siponto. Un racconto tra Rovine, Paesaggio e Luce” di Edoardo Tresoldi. L’artista si era cimentato per la prima volta nella restituzione al pubblico di un’esperienza importante, quella della realizzazione di un’installazione permanente in rete metallica dedicata alla Basilica paleocristiana di Santa Maria, voluta dal Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali per il Parco Archeologico “Le Basiliche” di Siponto e illuminata dalla DZ Engineering.

La mostra raccoglie bozzetti, riproduzioni fotografiche e video che documentano le diverse fasi che hanno portato alla realizzazione della così detta scultura-architettura. Il percorso si articola in tre sezioni: la prima dedicata alla storia e all’analisi del preesistente, la seconda incentrata sull’architettura, analizzata anche attraverso i fogli di taglio, la terza relativa ai progetti realizzati dagli ingegneri della DZ Engineering».

La ricerca di Edoardo Tresoldi si caratterizza per l’uso della rete metallica. A differenza dell’architettura convenzionale, che racchiude lo spazio restituendo un paesaggio modificato dall’uomo, la sua struttura essenziale abbraccia il contesto e accoglie la presenza umana dando vita a un’inedita realtà esperienziale. Una dimensione eterea in costante dialogo con il paesaggio, inteso come contaminazione di linguaggi culturali, sociali e identitari, le cui dinamiche diventano parti costituenti dell’opera.

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Cube Temple, An ethereal creation of wire mesh in Singapore

13-16 settembre 2018

A cura di Nadia Stefanel

• Nel 2018 l’azienda ha realizzato l’illuminazione artistica di alcuni edifici storici a Singapore come The National Gallery ed Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, DZ Engineering, nel 2018, realizzò oltre agli impianti di illuminazione e di telecomunicazione di pista sul circuito di Marina Bay per il Gran Premio di Formula 1a Singapore, anche l’illuminazione artistica di alcuni edifici storici come The National Gallery ed Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, e ha festeggiato la vittoria delle gare d’appalto internazionali con la spettacolare installazione “Cube Temple. An ethereal creation of wire mesh in Singapore” di Edoardo Tresoldi, uno dei giovani artisti più influenti d’Europa (“Forbes”, 2017), incoronato definitivamente al Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. Un’opera eterea presso Cargo fatta di rete metallica e luce.

Una cupola d’aria, una creazione eterea di rete metallica, come il fermo immagine di una porzione di cielo, racchiusa-rinchiusa-inquadrata in una forma tanto irreale all’occhio umano quanto concreta nella sua presenza fisica.

L’artista ha preso dal Rinascimento la leggerezza armoniosa dell’architettura, la postura classicamente composta, la meditazione sul passato tra gloria perduta e gloria restituita, il dialogo con l’archeologia. Dalla modernità, principalmente i materiali e il contesto: Cube Temple infatti, era agganciata all’alto soffitto di Cargo 39 (la location in Singapore) reggendosi su uno scheletro in puro metallo.

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Mostra Fotografica “Stories. I racconti della Motor Valley”, Fondazione Dino Zoli

dal 23 settembre al 15 ottobre 2017

• “La velocità è la forma di estasi che la rivoluzione tecnologica ha donato all’uomo”  Milan Kundera, “La lentezza”, 1995


Stories. I racconti della Motor Valley“, ospita oltre 50 opere fotografiche di Mindy Tan e Wilfred Lim, a cura di Nadia Stefanel.


Con il patrocinio dell’Ambasciata d’Italia, dell’Istituto di Cultura e della Camera di Commercio Italiana a Singapore, la mostra è reduce dal grande successo di pubblico ottenuto durante la première (dal 14 al 17 settembre 2017), avvenuta nella prestigiosa The Arts House di Singapore, in contemporanea con la tappa notturna del circuito di Formula 1 a Marina Bay, di cui la DZ Engineering è fin dagli esordi main partner.

All’interno della rinomata Motor Valley d’Italia – situata lungo la celeberrima via Emilia, musa da Rimini a Piacenza per artisti del calibro di Luigi Ghirri e Paolo Ventura che vi hanno ambientato alcuni dei loro progetti più noti e più lirici – i due giovani fotografi di Singapore, in residenza artistica durante il mese di giugno presso la Fondazione, hanno viaggiato attraverso i luoghi di nascita della Lamborghini, della Maserati, della Ferrari, della Ducati per catturare le leggende del panorama dell’industria del motore, con uno sguardo incantato nei riguardi di ciò che si cela dietro le leggende dell’establishment automobilistico, catturandone le passioni attraverso la loro lente creativa. Le loro fotografie raccontano la storia del Made in Italy, combinando la leggenda dell’industria automobilistica alla narrazione emozionale della sua identità.


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