Castel del Monte


The new outdoor lighting system of Castel del Monte, Andria

UNESCO heritage site built in 1240 by Frederick II, the building is a work of medieval architectural genius, a blend of diverse stylistic elements: Romanesque, Gothic, Classical and Islamic.

Castel del Monte has long been shrouded in fascinating mystery linked to the mathematical and astronomical rigour of its plan.

The new outdoor lighting system was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible during daylight hours. An attempt was, in fact, made to camouflage the light sources into the environment.

The choice made was to light up the castle with projected light allowing the built elements to be read without loss of perspective depth: shadows thus enrich our view, promoting visitor curiosity without altering our spatial perception.

One of the difficulties in designing this new lighting system was the installation distance between the projector bearing poles which range from 30 to 110 metres away from the building.

To achieve this we designed and had made a special LED profiler projector, with a 50W IRC>85 power, capable of:

a) regulating optics (with special lenses and/or diaphragms);

b) regulating emitted light flow locally (closely linked to point a);

c) shaping light emission;

d) avoiding glare.

A system capable of ensuring soft lighting, shaded where necessary and uniform (even where the distance between lights varies), limiting flow within the limits defined by the geometry of the elements to be lit up.

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