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Castel del Monte, Andria

Castel del Monte (1240) has an exceptional universal value for the perfection of its forms, the mystery linked to the astronomical rigour of its plan, the harmony and the fusion of cultural elements from Northern Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity. It is a unique masterpiece of medieval architecture, reflecting the humanism of its founder: Frederick II of Swabia.

With this motivation, in 1996, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee included it in the World Heritage List. The choice of the place where the castle was built therefore appears to be anything but casual, and not only at strategic level: a hill flooded by the sun at all hours of the day, with which the monument seems to be constantly connected.

The new external lighting system was designed by DZ Engineering to be the least invasive possible during daytime visits to the Castle.

The choice was to illuminate the monument with projected light, enabling the construction elements to be interpreted without flattening the perspective view; shade, therefore, becomes an element that enriches the visit, arousing curiosity in the visitor without however altering the perception of the spaces. In order to achieve these goals, a special LED profile projector was designed and built, capable of adjusting the lens and acting locally on the emitted luminous flux, to shape the luminous emission and prevent glare phenomena.


Categoria: Anno di realizzazione: 2015
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