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DZ Engineering is a Dino Zoli Group company, known in the industry for having built the systems for the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore.

For as long as Formula 1 has been around, so have race marshals, volunteers who stand close to the various danger points at the edges of the race circuits, ready to manage any collisions, accidents, track problems, track communications and authorise the interventions of medical personnel in the event of injuries, as well as to provide on-site health and safety monitoring, to ensure the safety of pilots and off-track personnel. Since 1950, the year in which the category of open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars became the World Championship, marshals have been present on the track. A dangerous job requiring great attention, professionalism and skill, which makes use of the famous signal flags, in various colours.

DZ Engineering, a Dino Zoli Group company, known in the industry for having built the systems for the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore, where the epic night-time Grand Prix along street circuits began in 2008, is one of the few companies in the world that can provide a complete package of technological solutions (from track lighting to special electronics) for circuits of all categories and levels.

For this reason, in accordance with International Automobile Federation guidelines, DZ Engineering developed a project to create electronic signal flags to help the marshals in their work.
During the first edition of the Formula 1 GP at night in Singapore, along the street circuit illuminated entirely by the Romagna-based company, the team of engineers currently at DZ Engineering had already begun to question whether the flags waved by the marshals could also be seen at night or whether it was better to come up with a more visible communication system.

The idea grew into a project, and in 2008,  the electronic flag system made its first appearance on the Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore, arousing interest thanks to the fast, secure method of communication. In subsequent seasons, the FIA decided to increase safety on all circuits internationally, establishing new regulations for all Formula 1 races and requiring the inclusion of these systems.

In response to this important development, DZ Engineering has continued the path undertaken with the development of electronic flags, known as DZ-eFlags, and has obtained approval for GRADE 1, 2 and 3 circuits from both the FIA and FIM federations.

“An important result that we have gained in over ten years of experience in the industry”

comments Roberto Grilli – General Manager of DZ Engineering

The fact that wireless communication can be assured between all the components of our system is the feature that makes it stand out, ensuring it is the only one of its kind in the world. Our patent enables us to take advantage of the now common technology of touch screen tablets to control and command the electronic flags, with the great advantage of rapid customisation without compromising safety standards. In this era of digitisation, where the new generations are increasingly connected, it was essential to bring innovation into this field as well. We are proud that this project starts from the local area, which has given so much to the evolution of motorsport and competitions.”

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