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Efficiency and flexibility are the strengths of plants built with our integrated system.

DIGILUX VM 3000 is a system which, via special sensors, monitors the natural light inside a building and is thus able to regulate the light intensity and recreate an artificial atmosphere that is not fixed but flexible like natural lighting.

The system has been designed with the aim of maximising control over the individual lighting point by minimising the number and cross section of the electrical cables used; intelligent peripherals have been created with relative modules of various powers to be installed in the immediate vicinity of the light sources, to set the appropriate light intensity values.

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Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can select the different configured lighting modes using the appropriate keypad, to highlight and illuminate objects depending on the mode in use.

For the Malatesta Temple in Rimini, parameters for Solemn Mass, Service and Visit modes have been set.

The system is not only able to regulate the intensity of each individual light source, but also to integrate data relating to the status of each source on the same fibre-optic cable: the signals and images from cameras for environmental control, the ambient sound system, any tourist-commercial messages on graphic panels or video terminals, the operation of particular systems, the management of traffic light systems, public and private car parks, hydrogeological control of the local area, fire prevention and environmental safety systems.

Efficiency and flexibility are the strong points of the installations built with our integrated system.

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