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Organisational Model Italian Legislative Decree 231/01

General Principles

The Italian Legislative Decree of 8 June 2001 no. 231 introduced a system of administrative liability of Companies for certain offences committed in the interest or to the benefit of the organisation itself into the Italian legal system.


The adoption of the Organisational Model

DZ Engineering S.r.l. has adopted its own Organisational Model with the resolution of the Sole Director of 06/11/2020, with the aim of building a structured, organic system of guiding principles, operating procedures and other specific safeguards, inspired by criteria of sound company management and aimed, among other things, at preventing the commission of the offences envisaged by the Decree.


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics adopted by DZ Engineering S.r.l. identifies the essential core of the values that make up the corporate culture and translate into the guiding principles and management policies for the Company’s everyday business.


The Supervisory Body

DZ Engineering S.r.l. has appointed a Supervisory Body with the specific task of supervising compliance with the requirements of the Organisational Model. For reports relating to a possible violation of the Company’s Organisational Model or requests for information:

Organisation and Control Model
Code of ethics
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