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Certifications and qualifications




A quality management system is a crucial element for a company and so, through the ISO 9001 standard, DZ Engineering has defined a series of primary requirements and aims which, thanks to the system itself and its application, have become achievable goals. In this specific case, we are talking about improving customer satisfaction, boosting customer loyalty as well as increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification applies to all activities carried out by the company, namely:
design, installation, maintenance and assistance for electrical, lighting, security, telecommunications and audiovisual systems.


On our journey of growth, participation in tenders has become increasingly intense and effective. DZ Engineering has thus acquired SOA certification with the following categories and qualification rankings:

  • OG10 “Systems for high/medium voltage transformation and for the distribution of electricity in alternating and direct current and public lighting systems” classification VII up to €15,494,000;
  • OG11 “Technological systems” classification II up to €516,000;
  • OS5 “Pneumatic and anti-intrusion systems” classification III up to €1,033,000;
  • OS19 “Telecommunications and data transmission network systems” classification VI up to €10,329,000;
  • OS30 “Internal electrical, telephone, radiotelephone and television systems” classification IV up to €2,582,000.



DZ Engineering is accredited as an Energy Services Company (escO) with ID ES7625, for the design and implementation of energy efficiency in lighting system engineering.


DZ Engineering is in possession of the authorisation – pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree 37/08, Article 1, paragraph 2 – laying down rules for the safety of systems for installation, transformation, expansion and maintenance for the following types of systems, corresponding to the letters:

  • a) systems for the production, transformation, transport, distribution and use of electricity, protection systems against atmospheric discharges, as well as systems for the automation of doors, gates and barriers;
  • b) radio and television systems, antennas and electronic systems in general;
  • c) heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems of any nature or kind, including works for the evacuation of the products of combustion and condensate, and the ventilation and aeration of premises;
  • d) water and sanitary systems of any nature or kind;
  • f) systems for lifting people or goods by means of lifts, hoists, escalators and the like;
  • g) fire protection systems.


The high potential and know-how of the people who work for DZ Engineering is also evident from their marked technical expertise. Below are the main forms of certification in their possession:

  • KNX Certification;
  • BOSCH© PRAESENSA (and PRAESIDEO) Recognised professional certification – Training course on the configuration and advanced management of the system;
  • DOLBY© Recognised Training Course in “Configuration of Professional and Broadcast Products and Systems”;
  • ALCATEL LUCENT University© Training Course for the installation and configuration of SDH Microwave Radio Links;
  • BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) – OPITO certification©– Training Course for Safety, First Aid and Survival of personnel operating in the naval and/or offshore sector;
  • MOTOROLA© Approved Training Course for the configuration and programming of GP Professional Series, Tetra MTP 850 and MTP 3000 Series, DMR MOTOTRBO Series devices;
  • AXIS® COMMUNICATIONS Authorised Partner;
  • TATTILE® Training course for customised LPR solutions;
  • AVIGILON® Expert

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ORGANISATIONAL MODEL Italian Legislative Decree 231/01: 

We believe that nothing should be left to chance. Since 2020, DZ Engineering has adopted the 231 Organisational, Management and Control Model for greater protection of the company in the field of risks and offences.

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