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Tomb of Rotari, Cittadella Micaelica in Monte Sant’Angelo FG

The baptistery of San Giovanni, known as the Tomb of Rotari, the remains of the former church of San Pietro and the church of Santa Maria Maggiore form the monumental complex of San Pietro in Monte Sant’Angelo (FG). The project involved the creation of an evening tour with interaction between lights and audio, to discover the history of the Baptistery and the remains of the church of San Pietro.

The lighting system was designed in such a way as to enhance the volumes of the baptistery, the distinctive architectural features and the points of greatest historical interest.

Thanks to the DigiLux VM 3000 control system, it is possible to visit the baptistery and the former church of San Pietro with either a guided or a free tour.

The system has, in fact, been designed so that, during the guided tour, the lighting units are turned on or off according to the moment of narration. On a free tour, on the other hand, the lighting is switched on entirely but with specially designed brightness values.


Categoria: Anno di realizzazione: 2015
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