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DZe-Flag System

The DZe-Flag system stems from the experience gained by DZE in its over ten-year activity in the Motorsport industry, developing innovative and patented solutions to ensure safety both on and off track.

DZe-Flag System is a modular solution with several tools: Light Panels with keyboard controllers, InfoPanel, and software. These elements combine to create an all-in-one system that supports, integrates and facilitates marshals’ duties by providing a more effective means of communication. Fully customizable, the DZe-Flag system stands out for its cutting-edge technology and its adaptability that allows DZE to meet specific needs through different layout implementations, making it the go-to solution for any racetrack. Nonetheless, DZE is on a never-ending path of researching more sustainable and efficient ways to guarantee optimal outcomes when it comes to safety. Several major international circuits have successfully adopted the DZe-Flag System to keep up with event management, check out here our latest projects.

DZe-Flag Light Panels

DZe-Flag Light Panels were first developed in 2008 when the team of engineers currently at DZ Engineering, a Dino Zoli Group company, lighted up the first-ever F1 night race at Marina Bay in Singapore and installed the prototype of the current Light Panels.
The primary goal of DZe-Flag has always been to bolster safety in the high-stakes world of motorsport, historically known for its inherent dangers.

The idea of adopting Light panels arose from the new challenges posed by the recent wave of night racing and to face all weather conditions, ensuring perfect visibility in critical forecast situations.

Further importance and incentive to this non-stop modernisation is also due to the FIA’s mandatory regulations for all circuits to equip themselves with their own solutions. DZE addressed these issues by devising and developing the DZe-Flag Light Panels, offering brighter displays using cutting-edge technologies. Today, thanks to its continuous innovation path, DZE is one of the few international players able to supply, to all grade circuits, FIA-FIM homologated Light Panels (Grade FIA 1-2-3; Grade FIM A, B, C), which are suitable for all kinds of races, from top-level international competitions to domestic events.

With safety always as a milestone, DZe-Flag Light Panels’ primary scope is to support flag-waving marshals, ensuring they have the best tools to perform their tasks effectively while safeguarding the drivers and everyone involved in the activity on track. Through the implementation of LED panels along the straights and turns of a circuit, DZE strives to set a new standard for safety in Motorsports, thus fostering a much more secure environment for both participants and spectators.

Main features
  • Premium Quality LED to ensure high visibility in all weather and brightness conditions;
  • Rear Repeater Light to guarantee digital flags are visible from all directions (both for drivers and marshals);
  • Dual Control: Light Panels can be managed by both marshals and Race Control officers, with the latter always having priority in determining which flag to show;
  • Advertising & Entertainment: images, such as logos and messages, can be displayed to increase spectators’ engagement and sponsors’ visibility.
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DZe-Flag Light Panels can be controlled from the Marshal’s posts through a wired or wireless keyboard. According to the specific needs of each circuit, our company can provide the most suitable option. Although presenting two different hardware compositions, both versions guarantee the same functionalities and provide efficient ways to react quickly to accidents and other high-risk events.


DZE InfoPanel is the primary device for swiftly displaying race information at a glance. Designed to be positioned at the starting grid, our InfoPanel keeps track of several race analytics parameters such as:

  • Penalties for drivers;
  • Weather and Track conditions;
  • Lap Counter;
  • Countdown and Satellite Clock.

The InfoPanel keeps spectators, teams and most of all the drivers promptly informed about the race as it unfolds. It is available as a singular item or fully integrated as part of the DZe–Flag system to be installed at racetracks.


DZe-Flag System has its own software which allows multiple functions to be implemented according to the specific needs of each racetrack event.


  • Dynamic Management Software specifically designed for Race Control Operations, featuring an easy-to-use interface;
  • Seamlessly integrated with all other DZe-Flag System components;
  • Pre-installed in an all-in-one workstation with touchscreen monitor for intuitive and quick interaction with all system elements;
  • Adapts to different track setups, identifying sectors and Light Panels available to use;
  • Built-in Race Analytics tool allows reliable and accurate tracking of activities, producing a log of all the operations and flags deployed by race officials, minute by minute;
  • Settings presets available to easily switch between FIA and FIM race mode, with an automatic change of mandatory applicable flags and functionalities;
  • Fully integrated with Third-party timing solutions.

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