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Municipality of Ravenna

DZ ENGINEERING SRL has carried out the works for the upgrading and redevelopment of the video surveillance system in the municipal area through the implementation of technologically advanced solutions. The upgrade includes the supply and installation of high and very high-resolution cameras, storage devices consistent with the generated video streams and a connection network between shooting equipment and processing and storage devices to be made in optical fibre.

The new platform created provides an important tool to the municipality and the police, to make the institutions even closer to the citizens, consequently guaranteeing greater protection of the same also through the approval of the Provincial Committee for order and public security which represents a stable method of evaluating video surveillance equipment in the municipal area, according to a line also shared by ANCI.

This project is also part of the operational model constituted by the Pacts for safety, in the definition of which the electronic control of the territory has taken on fundamental importance, will integrate and update the ministerial directive of 15 February 2008 on the “Pacts for Safety “, with particular reference to point no. 6 of the “Guidelines for a Common Platform” attached to it, concerning the updating and development of the current configuration of video surveillance systems.

Categoria: Anno di realizzazione: 2021
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