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Church of S. Maria Maddalena, Uggiano La Chiesa LE

The current church was built in the second half of the 18th century on the same site as the previous ones, which have been rebuilt several times. The construction of the mother church lies somewhere in between history and legend. It is said that the famous doctor Celestino Cominale was called to upon by the King of Naples Ferdinand I of Bourbon to examine his seriously ill daughter. Once she had recovered, the King undertook to fulfil any wish of the eminent luminary. Cominale wanted the population of Uggiano to benefit from the king’s generosity with the construction of the new church, larger than the existing one.

The façade, in Baroque style, was completed in 1775.

DZ Engineering took care of correctly lighting all the internal volumes of the Church and enhancing the oil paintings on canvas dedicated to the Saint, including the imposing work La cena di Simone, all located on the walls of the central nave.

To carry out the project, the company used LED technology projectors, with a colour temperature of 3000K, while for the canvases it installed special shaping projectors, made to measure and able to limit the phenomena of glare and reflection.


Categoria: Anno di realizzazione: 2015
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