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Bunge Italia, Porto Corsini, Ravenna


New electrical and quay 1-21 silo level automation systems

Construction of the electrical and instrumental systems at the service of the quay silo levels for which a plant implementation with a new PLC remote expansion was necessary; it was also necessary to supplement the installation and wiring of a fibre-optic network and a new power pipeline, new backbones inside the silos, at height and along the access walkways, as well as the installation with consequent connection and testing of the level control instrumentation.



Electrical supply and installation of equipment – Revamping of seed and flour transport

The project concerns the works relating to the electrical and automation systems serving the revamping of the seed and flour transport system of the Bunge Italia S.p.A. plant in Porto Corsini (Ravenna), world leader in the processing of soybeans.

The focus of this job was the modernisation of some seed and flour transport systems, previously consisting of conveyor belts, replaced with (Redler) chain conveyors with the addition of a new elevator.

To complete the transport system, the ordinary lighting system and the service socket system were also created along the support racks of the new redlers, the service systems for the new inverter switchboard room (ordinary and safety lighting, sockets and air conditioning system power supply).

Categoria: Anno di realizzazione: 2021 - 2020
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