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Synagogue, Pisa

The building, purchased in 1647 and initially refurbished in 1785, was completely renovated in the 1860s. Although the initiative for the works fell in the period of the emancipation of the Jews, the Pisa Synagogue has taken extreme care to maintain the conventional Jewish prerogatives of modesty and sobriety, ensuring that it does not stand out from the urban context. The traditional location of the hall of worship on the upper floor has also been respected inside, accessed by means of a large, elegant staircase, which has replaced the seventeenth-century one with three flights.

DZ Engineering has carried out a lighting intervention to enhance the interior of the newly-restored Synagogue and increase its functionality during normal worship activities. In addition to the design and construction of tailor-made lighting fixtures, strictly with warm light LEDs, the company, in collaboration with a specialist in the sector, has restored and carried out the functional restoration of the historic chandeliers in the Temple.


Categoria: Anno di realizzazione: 2015
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