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Mapei Stadium, Reggio Emilia

The Mapei Stadium, which started out as the Giglio Stadium and was subsequently renamed the Città del Tricolore Stadium, is an Italian sports facility located in Reggio Emilia.

Built on behalf of the Reggiana football club (the first example of a stadium owned in Italy after the Second World War) starting from August 1994 and completed in April 1995, two kilometres from the city centre. It was taken over in 2013 by Mapei, the owner company and main sponsor of Sassuolo.

Since 2014, the Mapei Stadium has been the subject of a series of maintenance and supplementary interventions carried out by DZ Engineering aimed both at guaranteeing the values envisaged by the FIGC and UEFA, and at ensuring television productions worthy of what is now back to being a gem of a stadium. The replacement of the entire set of lamps in 2014 was followed by the integration of projectors on the roof of the central grandstand, also in 2015, the year in which the minimum lighting parameters for the Serie A football championship were revised upwards.

In the following years, working sparingly, the continued focus was on the quality of the light, rather than the quantity (albeit necessary), trying to trace a path that brought together levels of colour rendering and above all uniformity far beyond the minimums required for careful management of resources and of the system as a whole.

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