Quality Certification

DZ Engineering applies a ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System. Issued by SGS Italia, the System’s Certification no. is IT11/0606 and covers the following processes:

Design, installation, maintenance and assistance of electrical, lighting, security, telecommunications and audiovisual plants.

EA Sector: 28

Qualifications for Public Works

DZ Engineering is SOA-certified with certificate no. 20681/16/00 for construction works, within the following categories:

  • OG10 “Plants for HV/MV voltage transformation and for the distribution of electricity in AC and DC and public lighting systems” classification VII up to EUR 15,494,000;
  • OG11 “Technological systems” classification II up to EUR 516,000;
  • OS5 “Pneumatic and intruder alarm systems” classification III up to EUR 1,033,000;
  • OS19 “Telecommunications networks and data transmission systems” classification VI up to EUR 10,329,000;
  • OS30 “Internal electrical, telephone, radio-telephone and television systems” classification IV up to EUR 2,582,000.

Energy Service Company Accreditation
DZ Engineering is accredited as an Energy Service Company (ESCo) with Id ES7625 for the design and development of energy efficiency in lighting systems.

Companies’ Registry License
Pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 37/08, which establishes the safety standards for plants and systems, DZ Engineering is licensed to carry out the installation, transformation, enlargement and maintenance referred to under art. 1 paragraph 2 of Law No. 37/2008, for the following types of plants and systems:

  • manufacturing, processing, transportation, distribution, electrical plants, plants for protection against lightning, as well as systems for the automation of doors, gates and barriers;
  • broadcasting systems, antennas and electronic systems in general.

Our Health & Safety Executive is responsible for conducting the assessment of risks to the health and safety of workers under Legislative Decree no. 81/08. The HSE prepares all the documents relating to construction sites (Single Document on the Assessment of Risks from Interference, SOP, etc.) and briefs all employees concerning its contents.

Employee Certifications
The main Employee Certifications are:

  • BOSCH© Approved Training Course for “Praesideo Public Address System”;
  • DOLBY© Approved Training Course in “Configuration of Professional and Broadcast Products and Systems”;
  • ALCATEL LUCENT University© Training Course for the installation and configuration of SDH Microwave Radio Links;
  • AUTOCAD© Approved Training Course;
  • BOSIET Course (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training) – OPITO Certification© – Training Course for Safety, First aid and Survival of personnel working in the naval field and/or Offshore;
  • MOTOROLA© Approved Training Course for the configuration and programming of devices of the GP Professional Series, Tetra MTP 850 and MTP 3000 Series, DMR MOTOTRBO Series;
  • AXIS® COMMUNICATIONS Authorised Partner.



Modello Organizzativo D.lgs 231/01:

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