Singapore Branch

Our Singapore Branch was founded together with the Motorsport Systems Department to manage the contract for the installation, commissioning, service and disassembly of the track lighting system, closed circuit cameras, sound broadcasting system and radio system during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore.

In order to successfully support activities on the Singapore Street Circuit, we had to form a team of specialised engineers and technicians who would work full-time with the Promoter and the Project Management.

Our marketing campaign on the territory allowed the Branch to grow and land other contracts, initially linked to the Formula 1 event: lighting of sites of cultural and tourist attraction, activities promoted by the City-State to increase their international visibility, events and national celebrations.

We later acquired new contracts, no longer tied to the Grand Prix alone, but always involving the world of Motorsports:

  • Project Management for Power & Comms in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on the second leg of the Formula E Championship 2014;
  • Design, installation and testing of the new HD camera system with closed circuit television (CCTV) and its operational Centre in the Sepang circuit in Malaysia;
  • Construction of the track cameras and amplification of new KF1 Karting Circuit of Singapore;
  • Hybrid fibre optic network and wireless Internet, CCTV and Race Control, amplification of aggregation areas and radio communication between marshals during the KL City Grand Prix 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.