Our Telecommunications Department designs and manufactures networks and integrated communications systems, mainly used for the transmission of data, images and sounds.

The experience gained over the years allows us to meet the needs of both public (Local Authorities, Public Administrations and Health Services) and private customers (Companies, Racetracks, Sports Centres).
More specifically, we have consolidated experience in the Oil & Gas sector in developing highly engineered projects, made on board of offshore platforms or at onshore sites, and specialise in all tasks of On Site Commissioning and Start-up.

We provide customer support at all stages of project management: system design, integration, development of detailed engineering, installation, commissioning, final testing and after-sales service.

The main types of networks and telecommunication systems that we manufacture are:

  • PMR Radio systems (analogue and digital), with synchronous solutions for the coverage of large areas, Trunking std MPT1327, or TETRA for more complex systems;
  • Radiolink or Microwave systems, with different transport capacity for SDH and PDH networks;
  • Single-mode and multi-mode fibre optic networks for the transmission of data, voice and video;
  • Networking with fibre optic and copper structured wiring with the relative enabled parts;
  • Integrated Operating Centres for the control and management of video surveillance systems, vehicle management/tracking and lighting systems;
  • Digital Microwave Radiolinks, broadband or licensed;
  • Satellite up-links;
  • RadioModems;
  • Data transmission using Multiplexer;
  • RTX Aeronautical and Marine devices;
  • Non-Directional Beacons (NDB);
  • Complete PABX telephone systems;
  • PA-GA systems and CCTV;
  • Weather Systems and Stations.

Our Technicians and Engineers are highly qualified and have 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry; they are capable of developing integrated systems and networks to suit the customer’s needs.

Some of our major works include: the provision of a radio-voice telecommunication system between entry box and drivers in Formula 1 races (among them: Scuderia Ferrari and Minardi) and the TETRA radio system for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.


Ministry of Justice
march 2021 - Special video surveillance system of the Modena Prison House


Municipality of Ravenna
Integration and Redevelopment Works of the Video Surveillance System in the Municipal area
Municipality of Ravenna
CCTV System - Advanced "Ravenna in Darsena the sea in the square"