Siponto “Le Basiliche” Archaeological Park

2015 -2016

Enhancement and Promotion of Siponto Archaeological Park, Siponto (FG)

This archaeological site testifies to Siponto’s great importance in the Roman era when it was promoted from colony – since 194 BC – to one of Regio II’s main ports.

Within the Park, in addition to the current Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, the ruins of a very old early Christian basilica are also visible with three naves, a central apse and mosaic floors testifying to the important regional dioceses based here.

The light technician project we worked on here affected the whole park area: the archaeological excavation site, the interior and exterior of the current basilica and adjoining crypt, an info point, pedestrian avenue and lastly a car park.

  • • Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore: inside this building we installed a lighting system capable of highlighting the church’s volumes in an unobtrusive way, slightly accentuating the area of prominence during mass. Small LED 7W 3000 K IRC>85 projectors were installed in the church to this end.

Externally the lighting system was designed to respect the site and its history avoiding excessive light and, to an even greater extent, obtrusive installations visible in daylight hours.

LED 18W 3000K IRC>85 projectors were installed to this end on made-to-measure stainless steel supports.

  • • Crypt: lighting is mainly indirect, mildly accentuating the altar and apse.

The system’s orientable LED 3W 3000K IRC>85 spotlights were designed and made to measure and installed at the base of the capitals.

  • • The virtual early Christian basilica: our light technician work was born from a synergy between MiBAC and artist Edoardo Tresoldi in the context of the project called Dove larte ricostruisce il tempo – Where art reconstructs the past – whose objective was to build a dialogue between archaeology and contemporary art.

Rebuilt as a metal mesh, almost a hologram, during daylight hours all its lightweight majesty can be admired while after dark it takes on a quasi-metaphysical quality, giving visitors an all-encompassing and unique experience thanks to an expertly designed lighting installation.

The new installation does not simply highlight the basilica but also takes visitors on a voyage of discovery of the site’s archaeological finds dating to the same era as the basilica.

The totally reversible installation was created with a number of LED 6W 3000K IRC>85 projectors equipped with a range of anti-glare optics and diffusers and a shaped 50W 3000 K IRC>85 projector.

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