ROTHARI’S TOMB, former San Pietro Church


Enhancement and Promotion of Rothari’s tomb and the former San Pietro Church, “Cittadella Micaelica” in Monte Sant’Angelo (FG)

Battistero di San Giovanni, referred to as Rothari’s tomb, the ruins of the former Chiesa di San Pietro and the Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore form the San Pietro monumental complex in Monte Sant’Angelo (FG).

The project involved the creation of an evening visitor itinerary with light and audio interaction introducing visitors to the history of the baptistery and the ruins of the Chiesa di San Pietro.

The lighting system was designed to enhance the baptistery’s volumes as well as its special architectural features and points of major historical interest.

The VM DigiLux 3000’s management system enables visitors to enjoy the baptistery and former Chiesa di San Pietro as both guided tour and on their own.

The system was, in fact, designed to enable lighting units to switch on and off in accordance with narrative intervals during the visit.

Where visitors explore on their own, on the other hand, all lights come on but with specially designed lighting values.

Small LED 7W and 12W 3000K IRC>85 medium narrow optics spotlights were installed in Rothari’s tomb to light up the tomb, the tholobate, its dome, the double lancet windows and the apse.

To light up the decorations carved into the capitals of the four corner columns, walk-on tilting narrow optic 6W 3000 K projectors were installed.

The external lighting for Rothari’s tomb, the apse and the low relief was created with 50W 3000K IRC>85 profile projectors while walk-on 6W narrow optics projectors were used for the niches.

Lastly, to recreate the order of the columns originally present in the church, specific linear structures equipped with continuous rows of 3000 K LED lights were installed.

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