Automatic lighting system of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia (RA)

The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia dates back to the first half of the fifth century.

It is located not far from the Basilica of San Vitale, in Ravenna, and it is on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites as a testimony of early Christian architecture.

On behalf of the Roman Curia, DZ Engineering designed and implemented the lighting system aimed to enhance the inside part of the monument. Both the structural elements and the need to allow a suitable “material, constructive and interpretative analysis” of the dome mosaics, central lunettes, barrel vaults and lateral lunettes were taken into account.

The new lighting system makes it possible to achieve these results in a harmonious way, without excesses in terms of light intensity. In this way, impactful intrusions are avoided despite the “daytime” presence of the lighting bodies.

For the realization of the project the DigiLux VM 3000 management system was installed, of which it is now possible to vary and optimize the lighting levels according to the variation of the daylight: a linear system with dimmable asymmetric LEDs with power 14W / m, 3000K, CRI> 85 for indirect lighting of barrel vaults. The system is installed along the whole frame that runs around the building, except the underneath part of the lunettes (north / south) and the lateral lunettes (east / west).

The asymmetric optic and the reduced dimensions (30x35mm) prevent the excessive light impact of the source as well as the dazzle effect. For the lighting of the mosaics of the lateral lunettes, we have used very small dimmable led floodlights with a maximum power of 3.15W, 3000K, CRI> 90. The bodies were installed at a frame height and have been equipped with a louvre and conveyor screen to avoid a situation of excessive light impact and glare.

To enhance the central vault and the relative lunettes (with the mosaics depicting pairs of Apostles) dimmable LED projectors were installed with a maximum power of 8W, 3000K, CRI> 90; in this case the projectors were fitted inside the central floor lamp, which lighting, was also realized by us. Furthermore, the aesthetic and structural re-examination has been, in actual fact, carried out in order to elude the dazzle effect.

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