Enhancement of Automatic Lighting System with LED Technology, Legnano (MI)

The lighting system created at the church of the Redentore in Legnano is LED technology. The truss ceiling of the central nave and the decorated walls are illuminated by projectors installed in correspondence with the windows while, the assembly and all the central elements of the celebration, by projectors installed on the truss.

For the first solution, special structures were created and inserted in the window frames, inside which 10W 3000K led projectors were housed.

For direct lighting, spotlights equipped with 24 LED 3000K narrow beam were used.

The solution adopted for the two side aisles allows direct, homogeneous and soft lighting for the entire environment with some accentuations on artistic and devotional details, on the floor and walls.

To achieve this type of lighting, floodlights equipped with 10W 3000K LEDs were used, installed in correspondence with the ceiling beams.

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