Realization of lighting, multimedia and management systems


Some of the most important archaeological finds, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages of the territory of Puglia are kept in the rooms of the Monumental Complex of Santa Scolastica.

The development of the Complex began in 2014 with the path of lights and narration that leads to the discovery of the history of the Bastion.

Today it is possible to admire these finds thanks to a visiting itinerary that is articulated inside the rooms of the first floor of the Museum.

The intervention of DZ Engineering mainly concerned all of the enhancements of interior spaces and courtyards up to the focusing of light on the contents, creating lighting fixtures designed ad hoc, both for the environments and for the exhibitors.

The MULTIMEDIAL installations enrich two rooms of the Museum, which are highly suggestive in themselves because they are not purely exhibition spaces but actual archaeological sites. Through projectors and loudspeakers cleverly installed (and concealed) by DZ technicians, visitors can thus appreciate in detail, the finds excavated from the same site they visit; or, following the narrative voice and the sound effects, to be enveloped by the fascination of the immersive environments where it seems that the most beautiful objects emerge from the darkness to show themselves, restored in shapes and colors, to the public.

All lighting fixtures are LED technology with a high chromatic yield index.

Lighting and multimedia systems are governed by our proprietary management system DIGILUX VM 3000.

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