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DZ Engineering is a Dino Zoli Group company, known in the industry for having built the systems for the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore.

DZe - RCS Project

TV systems with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) guarantee excellent quality, but their level of occupation in terms of IT space is equally high: both in terms of the bandwidth needed for their management and the amount of space required for archiving on hard disk.

New data encoding technologies in the ‘compressed’ H.264 and H.265 formats are used, to optimise the entire workflow, in all those sectors that do not require advanced post-production operations (graphics, morphing, video editing in general) as in the case of a racetrack.

The over-IP signal recording and management system, which we offer through a hardware-software solution specifically engineered for the needs of Control Rooms in the Motorsport world, is marketed by DZ ENGINEERING under the DZe-RCS brand and has been installed in the Control Rooms in Singapore (F1), Hanoi (F1), Imola (F1) and Mandalika (SBK and MotoGP).

For more than three years now, our group of experts, together with Dahua’s research and development, has implemented some key features when it comes to integrating normal CCTV systems during motor racing events such as Formula 1. Given our technical experience, in fact, we have worked on the implementation of certain features such as:

– electronic labels for numbering the race management cameras;

– adjustable electronic edges for dividing multiple video signals in a single monitor;

– firmware updates to increase the response speed of pan-tilt cameras for operators;

– immediate replays from the recording system with frame by frame slow motion feature.

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