Energy & Lighting

Our Energy & Lighting Department designs and develops highly advanced lighting systems of the highest quality.

Our more than thirty years of experience and open mind to innovation in the lighting of monuments, archaeological sites, monumental architecture, historic buildings, historic city centres and meeting places are a hallmark of our works.

The main types of systems that we manufacture are:

  • Lighting Systems for Churches and Basilicas;
  • Lighting Systems for Museums and Historic Buildings;
  • Lighting Systems for Archaeological Sites;
  • Lighting Systems for Historic City Centres;
  • Lighting Systems for Streets and Parks.

All the systems that we offer to our customers, besides being aesthetically pleasing, always use our patented system DigiLux VM 3000®.

Thanks to DigiLux VM 3000®, all installed light sources can be on, off or adjusted, individually or in groups, depending on a particular event or time of day.

Adjusted settings can be saved and recalled at any time, either automatically or manually.

By principle, every system we design is one of a kind and we are always looking for the best possible solution for the customer, planning the project with an eye to the site’s characteristics and then specifically manufacturing components for it.

This particular focus on the customer and on the site makes us a true “Tailor Shop of Light,” where every lighting fixture is conceived and built as a “Tailored Suit”.


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Shop façade LED Lighting System @ ION Singapore
Automatic lighting system of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia (RA)